How to make sourdough pancakes – and keep it going – My Inspired Media

sour dough mixHow to make sourdough pancakes – and keep it going – My Inspired Media.

How to make
sourdough pancakes

you would like to see how to make
sourdough pancakes
watch the video.  I started my mix about 12 years ago and it
has been going ever since.  I usually have sourdough pancakes
six days a week then I have biscuits and gravy on that 7th day (usually Saturday
morning).  So that my pancakes don’t get to boring I
alternate between syrup and some sort of jam preserves (such as
strawberry or raspberry).

How to make sourdough pancakes

are some answer on how to make
sourdough pancakes
what to do with it.  

Does sourdough rise like a cake mix does?  Yes, it does rise
and if temperatures are right it will rise much further than a
regular cake mix would.

Can I mix it then use it right after?  Yes, but the sourdough
mix won’t rise much.  The best amount of time to give it is
an hour.  However, I mix it and by the time I am done cooking
some side dish to go with it the mix has risen.

Can you skip a day or two and not use it?  Yes, it will crust
up, but just break the crust down and mix it back in.

If it completely dries up can it be restarted?  I can’t
answer that, but my guess is no.  

Can it be frozen?  Yes, you can freeze the sourdough (cover
it with cellophane after it has risen), pull it back out and let
it thaw then add a single amount of the recipe to it.  Try to
pull it out in the morning so that the mix is thawed by afternoon
then add to it.  The next morning add another single recipe

Can it simply be refrigerated?  Yes, I have placed it in the
refrigerator (covered with cellophane) for a few days then started
using it again.  I usually only add the recipe the next
morning before I use it (not like if you freeze it and it needs
mixing right after it is thawed).

Here is a word of caution.  We usually don’t think about eggs
being a problem, but they can pack salmonella bacteria on their
surface, even though the eggs have been washed in warm water
before packed and sent to a store.  I always wash the egg(s)
I use in very hot water for about 15 seconds before using them
just to make sure there is no salmonella bacteria left.  I
have a low immune system and got salmonella poising once and it is
definitely something you don’t want to get or to get into your
sourdough mix because you might have dropped the egg shell in the

I hope I have answered some of the question on how to make
sourdough pancakes
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