Bill Connely

I retired in 2013 as a software developer and I now volunteer with
the Idaho State Park System year around. I enjoy helping people in
person at the parks as a volunteer and a host. I have met a lot of
great people. There is nothing like camping.

My main career was in retail and later in law and justice software
development. Over the years I tried different MLM opportunities.
What bothered me about MLM was the money involved and minimal
training. Recently I was introduced to Internet Marketing which, in
reality, is slightly different. I now work with an organization that
I can help people that are looking for an income opportunity that
does not require drop shipping, boxing and/or shipping products. I
simply help them get money back from their shopping. Who wouldn’t
want some cash back when shopping your favorite store?

My history: I originated from central Nebraska, then moved to
Colorado, on to Montana, later to Washington, and even Arizona for a
few years. My home base is now back in the Spokane, Washington area
— although I usually live at the parks I volunteer at. When you are
retired, you need exercise, and working in the parks does keep me
fit and trim (almost).


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