SEO Research

How to do a keyword search

SEO research is not an exact science.
This is how to do a keyword search without hiring a professional.
Be patient. It takes time to build ranking with keywords.

Ranking with Google can take from 4-6 weeks or more.
Ranking in YouTube can be almost immediately.

If you are into in to it — make 1-2 minute videos about your item…
…then upload the video to YouTube. Google recognizes YouTube faster.

How to do a keyword search

Keywords are usually thought of as single words.
That is true and not true. People search with phrases.

This is how to do a keyword search with us.
You want your primary keyword to be a question.
It should start with “How to…” or “What is…”
Although there are other statements searched for.

Examples:  “How to bake a cake”, “How to fix a tire”
That keyword will start your Subject header when you use the keyword
The remainder will be your catch phrase,  E.G. “How to bake a cake – in a oven”
“- in a oven” is the catch phrase.

We will supply you with a list based on the keyword phrase you send us.
You are limited to 30 characters for the keyword. (Do not enter your main subject).
You can contact me at if you need additional characters (e.g. 50).
Make sure your email is correct when you order or we cannot deliver.
We will send you a PDF of your requested report.

Please read “Things to keep in mind” (below) before ordering.

Cost per list report is $10.00 (USD)  Sorry — NO REFUNDS.

Order a report by clicking below. 

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(You will be directed to our billconnely server for payment)
Sample PDF of a keyword list: Click here…

Things to keep in mind – on how to do a keyword search.
Your webpage article should start in the header with the keyword phrase. Add a dash ( – ) then your subject.
Example: “How to make sugar cookies – using a microwave”
“how to make sugar cookies” is the key word. “Using a microwave” is your subject.
You should repeat the keyword at least three times in your text.
Make sure you add that keyword in your meta-tag area.

“Rank 1-10” on the report indicates how many other people are trying to get ranking for that keyword.
The more filled that column is across the bar the heavier the competition.
It is best to choose below 50% on that bar and 25-30% is better. (Much less competition at 25-30%.)

The monthly searches indicates the approximate number of people in the world searching for that keyword in a 30 day period.
The count is not overly important, but stay above 30 when reviewing your report.


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