Signs of cirrhosis of the liver – My Personal Testimony – My Inspired Media

Lver DiseaseSigns of cirrhosis of the liver – My Personal Testimony – My Inspired Media.

Signs of
cirrhosis of the liver – my personal testimony

This video — on cirrhosis of the liver — has become very popular on YouTube
and My Inspired Media.  I thought I would re-post it. Thanks for watching.  Bill…

Liver disease is probably more common than we know about.  Many
people have it and don’t even know it.  That is why it is
called the “slow killer”.  Signs of cirrhosis of the liver is
fatigue along with other symptoms.   Eventually the
disease can become quite painful.  It is not pleasant to
have.  On a MELD scale of 14 (5-7 is normal) I was virtually
crawling to work – I was so tired.  I had to sleep by noon —
for an hour — then the same when I got home in the evenings.

 What are the signs of cirrhosis of the liver?

I first notice the signs of cirrhosis of the liver when I wasn’t feeling
well.  Some physical symptoms were beginning to happen.
I was starting to get tired early in the day.  Going on a
diet and exercising did not have any effect on my increased
stomach size.  I tried everything to bring my stomach back to
where it had been 15 years earlier and nothing worked.  I
later read that restriction of blood through the pulmonary vein,
fed mainly from the intestines, was being stopped because of the
scar tissue caused by cirrhosis inside the liver.  The veins
were restricted inside the liver.

When I mention to someone I had the disease and eventually had to have
a transplant the first thing I hear from them ‘Are you an
alcoholic?’  The answer is NO.  The second they ask is
‘Do you have Hepatitis?’  Again the answer is NO.  There
is no known reason why someone may get the disease without those
contributing factors.  The medical center in Seattle has
marked it as an ‘unknown’.  I sometimes believe it is simply
genetics that brings it on.  Please watch the video I made on signs of cirrhosis
of the liver -my personal testimony
 to learn more about
additional symptoms.

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