The slimiest phone in the world – may get slimmer along with laptops – My Inspired Media

GrapheneThe slimiest phone in the world – may get slimmer along with laptos – My Inspired Media.

The slimiest
phone in the world

Graphene has many extraordinary
properties. It is about 100 times stronger than steel by weight,
conducts heat and electricity with great efficiency and is
nearly transparent.  

is a single atomic plane of graphite, which – and this is
essential – is sufficiently isolated from its environment
to be considered free-standing.” (

Along with
making the 
slimiest phone
in the world

The slimiest phone
in the world

The slimiest phone in the world might get slimmer
including laptops and TVs.  Graphene may be the coming
replacement.  A comment provide below about what Graphene
might just do for the medical field.  Is it 
possible we
haven’t seen the 
slimiest phone in the world yet?

More by Jenny

Graphene is an emerging new
material that could change the way electronic components are
made as well as help computing performance continue to grow.

interesting about graphene is that we are so used to the fact
that diamonds are the hardest things on the planet and because
of that, the thought of graphene being even stronger than
diamond (which it is) is so hard to imagine! Graphene also
conducts electricity and heat better than any material ever
discovered — it’s a super material!

is made of a single layer of carbon that are bonded together
in a repeating pattern of hexagons and is so thin that it is
actually considered to be two dimensional. 

is a versatile material and in the near future, we will be
seeing graphene on the market, used as a replacement of indium
tin oxide in touchscreen devices; making them flexible and
even roll-able! This would allow our devices to be super
transportable. It has also been suggested that nano-graphene
oxide sheets may be used in medical imaging in the future due
to its photo-luminescent properties and thus usefulness in
near-infrared imaging. 

can also be used to help improve high speed wireless
communication and security devices — making them even

am extra excited about these three futures usages of graphene
because they will, hopefully, change our lives for the better!
We’ll no longer have to carry heavy books or require a
printer. And as someone who aspires to work in the medical
field, I look forward to spotting graphene in hospitals;
helping to make medical diagnostics even more accurate. And
although the internet right now has made a lot of things
instant, graphene shows promise of making them even faster!
Messages and news will be shared as fast as ever but hopefully
that won’t be at the expense of the future generations’
downhill in attention span. 

is a video that covers many of the usages of graphene – super
interesting to see this ground-breaking material in action!

By Jenny Suepiantham


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