How to cook on induction stove

induction cookingHow to cook on induction stove – My Inspired Media.

How to cook on induction stove

How to cook on induction stove” question is simply
magnetics.  Inside the unit are magnets.  The more
electrical power pushed at those magnets the more molecular action
occurs to a pan or pot that has magnetic qualities.  The best
way to test a pan or skillet is go to your local store and place a
magnet on the bottom of the pan or pot.  If it sticks then
the pot or pan is usable on an induction stove.  Be aware the
higher you turn one of those induction stoves up the more power it
will use, so make sure your power supply can take the increased
consumption of power and not blow a circuit breaker.  Normal
cooking won’t be much effect, but if you go on high with one to
boil water it can really be pulling the power.

How to
cook on induction stove

Here are some tips.  If you are going to buy one make sure
it shows you the temperature settings in degrees.  Most units
have a combo of temperature and number settings.  I am not
sure about all induction units, but they increment by 20 to 40
degrees.  The unit I have jumps by 40.  So I if I am at
320 and bump it up it will be 360.

This question of how to cook on induction stove I believe
I explained, but here are some additional tips on things I
cook.  If I cook bacon I set the temperature to 210. 
When the bacon levels out and isn’t really cooking much I’ll move
it up to 280, but I usually turn the bacon over because at 210 it
is pretty well done on the first side.  I cook pancakes at
320 to 360.  You want to watch closely at 360 as it cooks
faster and could burn the pancake.  So how to cook on
induction stove
is simply a matter of experimentation. 
Just don’t go much past medium temperatures though.

I hope this has answered your question on how to cook on
induction stove


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