How to treat wastewater – in a RV – My Inspired Media

How to treat wastewater with chemicalHow to treat wastewater – in a RV – My Inspired Media.

How to treat

you own an RV you probably know how to
treat wastewater
you RV tanks with some form of treatment.  There are a number
of different products you can buy from a local RV dealer. 
However, the one product I have used consistently is Pure
Power.  Pure Power is a bacterial-enzyme holding tank
treatment.  It is a waste digester and odor eliminator. 
It works on all black and gray tanks, liquefies toilet paper, is
formaldehyde free, and cleans the sensors in the tank that tell
you on a panel if the tank is full or empty.

How to treat wastewater

Power is safe and natural plus non-toxic. It is the answer to how to treat
.   Here are the steps to do
so.  After draining your black tank fill your toilet with
water to almost the brim.  Then add 2 ounces for a 40 gallon
tank.  Flush the toilet and then fill the toilet again with
fresh water and flush again.  If your RV manual tells you to
add water more than two flushes then — do as it instructs. 
You always want water added at the bottom of your black tank once
you have drained it.  Just remember to add Pure Power for the
first flush.  Usually gray tanks are smaller than the black
tank, but not always.  Do the same with the gray tank. 
Add 2 ounces of Pure Power to the sink drain and flush adequately
with fresh water.  Again, do this right after it has been
drained.  If you have a galley do the same with it. 
Thus it is a simple process on how
to treat wastewater
and RV unit. So why am I pushing Pure Power?  Because you can
buy this product at most any RV dealer in the USA, but the nation
RV chain called Camping World sometimes runs it on special and
Camping World.  Camping World is also in our
national mall online.  Order through our system (click the
button of URL provided) and get up to an additional 9.9% off in
cash back.  

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