Funny Things Caught On Camera – With Bill Gone Crazy – My Inspired Media

Bill Gone CrazyFunny Things Caught On Camera – With Bill Gone Crazy – My Inspired Media.

Funny Things
Caught On Camera – With Bill Gone Crazy 

It was the
weekend and I decided to make some videos on two different
subjects.  I am not sure if the guys and gals at Google +
have a lot of time on their hands at night or what.  The way
they put this together it is funny things
caught on camera
since it is a combined six or seven videos.

Funny Things Caught On Camera 

The videos
were on how to teach a horse to lead and how to connect a battery
charger to a car battery.  The way the Google people combined
this if looks like I went crazy and if was, from what I saw, funny things caught
on camera
.  I load a lot of videos to YouTube, but I
don’t very often add music behind it.  So, I have to give all
the credit of building this video to the folks at Google +.
The video was longer, but I only copied a percentage of it.
Over all I thought they did a pretty good job with the music
added.  They did another one on a video I made while driving
a tractor with a  scoop on the front wherein I was pulling
leaves down off a pile.  It was the first one i saw and
surprised me when it showed up on my phone one day.  This
morning (April 19) this video showed up.  I guess, if you
take the voice away it looks like funny
things caught on camera
, but it was a combined series of
videos I did and the phone auto loaded it to the cloud.


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