When Should I Wear My Glasses – Check With Doctor – My Inspired Media

When should I wear my glassesWhen Should I Wear My Glasses – Check With Doctor – My Inspired Media.

When should I wear my glasses

The very first time I got glasses the doctor told me to wear them for
studying in school, not to wear them all the time.  I did so
but, most of the time I didn’t wear them.  When
should I wear my glasse
s is based on what your doctor
tells you.  It may be that you get a prescription only needed
for reading to magnify or correct a stigmatism.

When should I wear my glasses

you are doing something that yields the possibility of getting
something in your eye then ‘when should I wear my glasses‘ is
right then.  When I was a small child my father had a
grinding wheel mounted with a handle that you cranked and the
wheel would go around so as to sharpen things with.  Much
like an electric grinder you see now.  Being a child I always
wanted to turn the crane.  One day when my father wasn’t
around I turned the crank and put metal on the grinding wheel for
some reason.  Metal sparks went into my eye.  Of course
the finite metal pieces were removed by a doctor but, I still have
the scars to this day.  I definitely always have some form of
safety googles or glasses on when I deal with any machinery that
might emit particles of some sort.

you re in bright sunlight, yes a pair of sun glasses should answer
your question of “When should I wear glasses”.  Direct bright
sunlight is not good for your eyes.  Again you should protect
your eyes.

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