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best thread for sewing leatherBest Thread For Sewing Leather – Easily – My Inspired Media.


Best Thread for sewing leather – that holds

If you search on the internet you will find places that sell
thread.  What is the best thread for sewing leather?  I think you have to try
them then decide for yourself.  There are several places on
the net that sell thread exclusively towards leather. You must
also decide are you going to be hand sewing or using it in a heavy
duty leather sewing machine.

Best thread for sewing leather – I like polyester

I like polyester thread mainly because it is very strong and in the
right size (thickness) it is perfect for sewing holsters, belts
and cases by hand.  The other thing is the size I buy works
great in my sewing machine.  So to me the best thread
for sewing leather
 is polyester.  As I stated, I can use the thread
to hand sew in a cross stitch.  It is not the best thread to tie a knot in
because it has a tendency to slip back out the knot.  In
cross stitching by hand I back stitch so it is sealed and
sometimes, on the back side, I add some glue to seal the ends.

Based on the fact I make holsters, belts, wallets and some leather cases
I only keep three colors on hand.  But, when I do buy I buy
the large spool, not a medium size.  I only do this because I
have tested and know the thread. So the best thread
for sewing leather
all up to you.  Simply buy small spools to start then go for
the big.


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