How To Choose A Cowboy Hat – That’s Any Good – My Inspired Media

Bill in Cowboy HatHow To Choose A Cowboy Hat – That\’s Any Good – My Inspired Media.

How to choose a cowboy hat that lasts

Well the truth is I am not a fan of the Cowboys, but I do know
how to choose a cowboy hat.  When I was a small kid, about eight
or nine years old my folks took me to the small city close by and
we took my horse.  I remember I had adjusted my father’s
saddle so I could get my feet I the stirrups.  And, I had my
boots and cowboy hat with me.  All I was missing was my
45.  I had a play one.

How to choose a cowboy hat you know is good.

I hadn’t worn a cowboy hat for years then one day in Nebraska my
cousin and I were at an antique place that had everything
small.  Now I didn’t know much about how to
choose a cowboy hat
, but included in their inventory was
a black cowboy hat.  After talking with the owner he reduced
it down to five dollars.  Yes, it was a used hat, but was in
good shape.  So I bought it with plans of selling it on
eBay.  It was a wool hat and I shipped it off to my home in
Washington State.  However, the more I thought about the hat
on my ride back from Nebraska on my motorcycle the more it stuck
in my mind I should keep it.  The company that made it was
real — as I had looked it up on the internet.  It was made
in the USA, not Mexico or China.  After I got home I started
to study the hat and its value.  I figured out, with a little
study, howto choose a cowboy hat to
know for sure if it was any good.  Truth is, the hat sold new
for about $75.  So it was a pretty good hat.


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