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Best way to read a bookBest Way To Read A Book – And Remember It – My Inspired Media.

Best way to read a book

I will be truthful.
I did not like school, especially while in
high school.  Oh sure, I liked sports and girls and lunch

But, trying to figure out the best way to read a book and
remember what I read in it was like zero.  I could read a
fiction book and remember details, but give me a book from school
and my brain put on the breaks and said “I ain’t gonna
learn”.  But, believe it or not I made it through school and
later on studied a lot of books on software languages, etc.

Best way to read a book and memorize it

In the mid 1980’s I read a lot of self-help books.  The one
thing I learned about those books was if you read it once and it
sounded pretty interesting then the best way to read a book and
get all the details was to read it again and again.  Maybe
not immediately read it again, but down the road three to four
months I pick it back up and read it again and always pick up
something new.  They say that when you read self-help books
you will automatically change and parts you have read will
suddenly make sense when they didn’t the first time you read it.

…has changed things and I love it.  I download educational
books for my business into a product called Audible.  I can
then go out and do my work and listen to the book with my cell
phone.  I have one book called Go-Pro that I have now
listened to between ten to twelve times.  So my
recommendation, if you want to know the best way to
read a book
 it’s through your ears.  Audible is a free app for your
phone.  You can then purchase the books at by signing up to
our mall and get money back each time you purchase an Audible
book.  Click this link to get started. .  It’s free to
join, no catches.

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