What is the cause of salmonella – and what are the symptoms – My Inspired Media

Salmonella 2What is the cause of salmonella – and what re the symptoms – My Inspired Media.

What is the
cause of salmonella

is a very deadly poison.  I got it in the fall of 2013 and
did not know the symptoms of what it was at the time.  I went
on for five days before getting to a doctor.  His warning to
me was “You’re lucky you didn’t get pneumonia.” You get extremely
dehydrated and have no thirst.  If you drink something you
feel like vomiting and may.  I was fortunate and never
vomited. So what is the
cause of salmonella
? Where does it come from?  It
can come from many places, but for humans it is usually from their
hands — or hands of others.

What is the cause of salmonella

So what is the
cause of salmonella
how do you get it.  It comes through tainted food.  You
must ingest it.  Once in your digestive system it doesn’t
leave immediately without medical help.  If you have a good
immune system — then your system may be able to fight it and
eventually get rid of it or not.  The truth is, the general
public is exposed to it all the time, but the immune system
usually makes it act more like common food poisoning.  I have
a very low immune system so that is why – when I got it – I was
hit really hard.  It starts with violent diarrhea that just
never stops, stomach cramps, fever and vomiting.  Get to a
doctor immediately if you have the symptoms.  It is killed
when food is cooked well.  It’s usually on meat products. But
the cooking of the meat kills it.  So anything non-cooked,
such as vegetables can pack it into the digestive system. 
Common foods that may have it, which we don’t think about are eggs
and peanuts in the shell.  Reptiles are the worst for packing
the bacteria, but any animal can pack it as well.  So if you
get the symptoms you now know what
is the cause of salmonella
 is and what to
do.  Get to a doctor.

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