How to clean fan blades – on Fans Heaters Furnaces AC Units – My Inspired Media

clean fan bladesHow to clean fan blades – on Fans Heaters Furnaces AC Units – My Inspired Media.

How to clean
fan blades

blades, heater blades and furnace squirrel cage blowers are
probably the most neglected piece of equipment owned by most
people.  Furnace blowers are probably the worst.  They
should be cleaned every spring and fall.  The dust build up
on the blower hardens on the blades reducing the efficiency
immensely.  So the question is how
to clean fan blades
?  Well, a little elbow grease

How to clean fan blades

Learning how to clean
fan blades 
important.  I know from years of experience.  Before
taking any moisturized rag to a fan blade, see if you can get the
heavy amount off with a vacuum or/and a stiff bristle brush (pain
brush) or air pressure.  If you use any type of moisture
first it will sink into the built up dust and make it harder to
remove.  So always get the majority off first then wipe with
a rag.  I have never used any type of cleaners, just a
vacuum, a brush, and a damp rag and making sure the fan is
completely dry before starting it again.  Dust creates a drag
on the electric motor, which slows the fan down.  But, it
does worse.  The dust, causing the drag, also makes the motor
work harder (more resistance) which it heats up.  The hotter
an electric motor gets the sooner it will wear out.  If you
do not use and AC unit in your home, and only heat, then a once a
year cleaning of the motor fan in the fall is sufficient. 
Otherwise clean twice a year.   If you are using and
electric heater constantly clean the intake ports, and fan blade,
every month.  The same goes for just a normal fan.  Get
the built up dust off the blades.  Knowing how to clean
fan blades
an important function of just general maintenance.  I hope
this helps you understand the importance of keeping fans clean.


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