Where can I buy printer ink – at a reasonable price – My Inspired Media

Where can i buy printer inkWhere can I buy printer ink – at a reasonable price – My Inspired Media.

Where can I buy printer ink

I recently made a video and
published it about 101inks.com vs. Staples.  That the savings
from 101ink far out does Staples in cost per packet of inkjet
ink.  So, where can I
buy printer ink
?  I still have to say it is
101inks.com.  It dawned on me when I had to buy some ink for
a different printer that I lost some money.  Yep, I lost an
additional 10%.

can I buy printer ink

Let me explain this. 
If your question is where can I
buy printer ink
, then don’t spend money on high cost ink
from local stores.  And, the worst part when I bought the
printer ink I could have saved even more this time.  101inks
gives out coupons every time you order from them.  Yes, a
coupon comes with the order to give out to others.  It’s a
whole page of them. So I am not going to do a comparison with
Staples like I did the other video, what I am going to show you is
what this recent order cost me and how much cash back I got after
and what I could have gotten had I used the coupon.

The ink was for a Cannon printer.

It was a 6 pack of all the inks for the machine.

My cost was $39.99

My Cash back was $9.68

My total cost was $30.31

However I made a mistake.  

Their coupon was 10% off.  I didn’t use it.  Had I used
it — the following — would have been my cost.

My cost was $39.99

My 10% off would be $39.99 – $3.99 =
now be my cost

My cash
is 24.2% or $8.71

So end result would have been $36 –
$8.71 = $27.29
total cost.

Want to know “Where can I buy printer ink”? 
101inks.com is where…

…and here is the coupon number you can use —

code 2194902 (enter on check out

Join Dubli.com Free 

Then get 18.2% cash back at the FREE level or 24.2% at the VIP


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