What to do about hard water – in your tap – My Inspired Media

Water filterWhat to do about hard water – in your tap – My Inspired Media.

What to do
about hard water

Unless you
live in an area that has exclusive soft water you may killing your
coffee or tea pot.  Here’s why.  Hard water is made up
of many minerals, but calcium is probably the highest item on the
list that comes right through your faucet.  These collected
minerals get heated in units and then form as deposits creating
what is called scaling.  So what to do
about hard water
a good question, especially if you can’t afford a water softener
unit or you don’t have room for one.  If you are concerned
about what to do
about hard water
I recommend you buy a Brita pitcher.  Brita seems to
eliminate hard water.  Then use the water from Brita pitcher
in your coffee and tea pots.

What to do about hard water

I did a lot of
research because my coffee makers kept scaling up.  It seemed
it was occurring about one every three or four months.  I
knew that the water was hard in the area because when taking a
shower the soap didn’t lather up like it would have if the water
had been soft.  So I started researching.  I already had
a Pur water pitcher and I still use it today for filtering
drinking water, but I do not put the water in my coffee make.
 I only use the water from the Brita pitcher because it does
take out the hard mineral elements.  So if you want to know what
do about hard water
buy yourself a Brita pitcher.  Take pity on your dear old
coffee pot.

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